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Inspired from his trade as a bespoke shoemaker, and named after his mother, “Corona” (Crown), Oscar Favretto designed a collection of loafers, which he successfully sold in his hometown of Preganziol (Treviso, Italy) for twelve years until the Second World War forced him to close the business.
During the summer of 2003, Nicolò found a picture of his grandfather’s, Oscar Favretto, “Corona” shoe collection and had the idea to renew and revive the line of loafers. Nicolò Bedendo set the premise for a project that was realized in 2010 with the rebirth of the classic collection, “Corona,” adding a modern day touch, resulting in an iconic collection, named, “LeCrown”. That premise continues today and joins that dream together with his vision for Texhoma.


Texhoma Energy provide a security instrument the effect of which, will be to provide an alternative investment route for LeCrown investors, current and/or future, [insurance /liquidity], the rewards from which can be shared by Texhoma and LeCrown shareholders.
Thorugh Nicolo, our CEO, Texhoma Energy assisted LeCrown to establish of a presence and operating strategy in Hong Kong to advantage the Italy-Asia relationship for all shareholders, including HK IPO positioning, operating benefits for manufacturing choices and increased distribution. Favorable Tax positioning results from this structure due to a recently enacted Italy HK Tax Treaty.
Currently, Texhoma is acquiring a block of shares in LeCrown Holdings Ltd. from non affiliated shareholders who wish to participate in Texhoma but still maintain updside in the LC growth which if successful will increase Texhoma’s stake to 8%.


Texhoma Energy strives to offer financial partners and third party stakeholders, investments customized security instruments, such as options, Convertible promissory notes and the like, tailored to allow priority reinvestment in selected portfolio companies, such as LeCrown or others.
Texhoma seeks licensing and Italian shoe design opportunities for LeCrown shoes.